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Fashion is psychological. It reflects us and our society. It is made by humans, to be worn by humans. We spend the vast majority of our lives clothed, and there is a psychological aspect to every fashion decision. Every choice of garment is in some way a product of our culture. In some way, it will always carry meaning. Moreover, fashion makes us feel things, especially as social media provides us with a constant stream of visuals. By applying psychological theories and looking for human-centred solutions within how we experience fashion, we can learn to play to our strengths. We can learn to use fashion to spark positive thoughts and feelings, instead of making us feel inadequate. We can learn to write our own stories, instead of listening to the loudest voices. This is the perspective that psychology offers. Fashion is somewhat of a fantasy, and psychology is here to give it a reality check. Because we don’t need to dream about who we should be to be accepted by ourselves and others; our beautiful, confusing realities are exactly who we should be.

Overdressed is a psychology of fashion magazine. We aim to analyse psychological aspects of different topics in fashion. This doesn’t mean that every article has to provide psychological research (which can also be great). Fashion is inherently psychological: in the consumer’s choices, creating one’s identity through fashion, the impact on wellbeing and much, much more. What we ask from you is to deepen your understanding of fashion through these psychological aspects. Together, we will aim to explain the psychology behind fashion issues, learning and rethinking how to use fashion to our advantage while valuing our wellbeing. Because only through learning can we truly grow.

By exploring the human aspect of fashion, Overdressed wants to promote a positive experience of all things clothes, dress, fashion and industry. Providing a platform for everyone to understand and fall in love with their fashioned selves, this magazine is a source of confidence, solutions and inclusivity. It is a safe space to promote awareness about mental wellbeing using dress. By shifting our understanding of how we experience fashion, we want to humanise it. Overdressed is for everyone. Everyone who wears clothes, or thinks about wearing clothes.

Through our reflection of various topics, we hope to spark inspiration in all fashion enthusiasts to join us in creating positive changes. We want to provide an alternative to the framework through which fashion is currently judged, analysed and understood in our society. Put simply, we want more from fashion. Therefore, while writing pieces, try to challenge yourself. Explore whether or not you are speaking from a position of privilege (race, gender, class) and try to look at things from a variety of perspectives. Overdressed is a safe space for everybody, no matter their ethnicity, age, gender, sexuality or body type. We want all to express themselves unapologetically in order to make fashion accessible and humane. We promote creating an inclusive community in the fashion industry rather than keeping the status quo of an exclusive bubble.

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