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Body image and Instagram

Even though Instagram can have a negative influence on adolescent women’s wellbeing, this article presented the ways in which the effect could be positive. Adolescent women can promote body satisfaction and positive emotions through engaging with body-positive content on Instagram, that can further facilitate positive feelings such as self-compassion and the development of self-esteem. Instagram provides a platform for identity search, where women can strive to find a supporting community, enhancing how they feel about themselves. Moreover, through stories told on Instagram, women can create positive narratives about themselves. Last but not least, Instagram can help develop character strengths such as self-regulation, transcendence and gratitude. As discussed, mindful usage and application of the concept of positive psychology to the phenomenon can be of benefit for how we feel when using Instagram. Concluding, Instagram remains an important topic to research and discuss in terms of the wellbeing of adolescent women.

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