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Overdressed Magazine FAQs

When pitching an article to any editor within the magazine, there are a few things you should include to make the concept of your article clear. We hope these guides help but should you have any questions, please contact the Overdressed Online Editorial team.

What is Overdressed Magazine?

Overdressed is a psychology of fashion magazine that explores consumer behaviour, why we dress the way we do and how fashion makes us feel. This is explored through interviews, photography and written features.

The team are currently in the process of putting together the second print issue of Overdressed magazine, with one already available to purchase.

How many issues are there?

Is there a social media page for the magazine?

Yes, our Instagram handle is @overdressedmag.

The magazine started out of the love for print and experimenting with fashion. More than anything, we wanted to do something of our own.

Why did the magazine start?

How often do you publish print issues?

We publish print issues twice a year. Our online content is published independently of that.

Print issues are only available to purchase via pre-order for a short period of time. Issue 2 will be available at the beginning of 2021.

Where can I buy or order print issues?

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