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About Overdressed

Overdressed is a psychology of fashion magazine, created by Natasza Biernacka and friends in 2019.

Overdressed Magazine Online

Fashion is inherently psychological. It is made by humans, to be worn by humans. We spend the vast majority of our lives clothed, and every choice of garment is in some way a reflection of ourselves and our culture. In some way, fashion always carries meaning. Moreover, fashion makes us feel things, especially as social media provides us with a constant stream of visuals.

By applying psychological theories to how we experience fashion, we can learn to play to our strengths. We can learn to use fashion to spark positive thoughts and feelings, instead of feeling inadequate. We can learn to tell our own stories, instead of listening to the loudest voices. We want to achieve this by providing an alternative to the framework through which fashion is currently judged, analysed and understood in our society. Put simply, we want more from fashion.

Overdressed Magazine Issue 1

a safe space for everyone

In exploring the human aspect of fashion, Overdressed wants to promote a positive experience of all things clothes, dress, and industry.


Overdressed is a safe space for everyone, no matter their ethnicity, age, gender, sexuality or body type. We want all to express themselves unapologetically in order to make fashion accessible and humane. Providing a platform for everyone to understand and fall in love with their fashioned selves, this magazine aims to be a source of confidence, solutions and inclusivity, popping the fashion industry’s exclusive bubble.

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